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Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi


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Jennifer Jupiter
Jennifer Jupiter thumbnail
Jennifer Jupiter Favourite track: "Trust the Light".
In addition: 1,6,9,11.
carpswamp thumbnail
carpswamp If you know, you know. Favorite track: Window Shop.
Roro thumbnail
Roro Not a single song in this album I don't love. All of them have such a strong individuality to them that it's so difficult to pick a favourite, but I'm settling on Like A Storm. The polyrhythms, breakcore beat that so starkly contrasts the feeling of the rest of the song and Genevieve's voice all match perfectly. Genuinely one of the best listening experiences I've had in a long time. Favorite track: Like A Storm.
mR.mOnZtre thumbnail
mR.mOnZtre Jogging is like dancing, and dancing is a joy, and I lost a considerable amount of excess weight jogging to this album!
sam thumbnail
sam This album is both beautiful and funke as heck. Favorite track: Worlds Upon Worlds.
Evangelion Martini
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Evangelion Martini I heard "Fuck the Makeup, Skip the Shower" on GTA's FlyLo radio station and was hooked. Really dig the sound and personality. Favorite track: Window Shop.
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Huygens 00:52
the mystery of a burning fire a single life upon a pyre you must look close to see it right from the start, from the start a sudden flash along a wire begins the life upon the pyre and if you're quick you'll catch a glimpse of the start, of the start and with a burst of violet blue the spell came slowly over you you could not peel your eyes away from the flame, from the flame and as the fire grows and grows you feel as if the fire knows your fascination, joy, and fear for the flame, for the flame you see now but how this cold truth this great fire will go out, will go out a sudden flash and you're alone as if the earth were all your own you're left with mystery in your mind the mystery of a burning fire
We are looking at the same thing from two sides We are looking at the same thing from two sides We are traveling down the same road, same cold night We are shouldering the weight of the same fight We are generating one blood from two hearts We are generating one blood from two hearts We are following the same light, same bright spark We are generating one love from two hearts I am tired from the strain I would like to rest my head In the end we are the same So can we rest instead Quiet dreams and quiet thoughts Thoughts that turn me back to you In the end no one's to blame So can we end our game We are looking at the same thing from two sides
There is nothing to improve me This is not a fucking movie I am not a superhero The one thing I want is all gone This is not what I agreed on This is not what I agreed on Hey I've got a great idea Let's go buy stuff from Ikea Make us happy momentarily It is oh so temporary But the shadow's very vicious It is oh so repetitious But the shadow's very vicious It is oh so repetitious Repetitious Repetitious Repetitious Repetitious The fresh feeling's turning sour Fuck the makeup, skip the shower I know you don't charge per hour But could you stay one more hour Out of nowhere shit is reborn Bout to blow up like some popcorn Paid the price I need advice I Paid the price I need advice I Certain things just happen that way There's nothing left for you to say But I hope that That you will stay From this shit we could sneak away
I know you're still beside me I feel you underneath my bed All the lights are dead The air is cold Inside the room you left from While you are traveling in a hearse Looking at the Earth You try to reach us Your body's turned to dust The light you have to trust You must I know you want to stay here Universe waits outside your door The fate you can't ignore Trust the light
I will write my life It's all I want to do Program myself All I want to be Numberless Only one way to get What I want I should not forget What I want to say Listen to myself All I want to hear Search my skin [I know nobody else controls all the things I do] You won't find a switch It is all I want to do
Window Shop 02:55
(Chorus) I'm just an item on the shelf and you just can't help yourself Put me in your shopping cart, then put me back and break my heart You've got to boost your confidence So you cross me off your shopping list Lift me up and let me drop, you're just here to window shop You said you yearned for me, but you turned out to be Just like everyone else, and now I'm by myself From the way you treated me, I thought you needed me I'm just an empty bottle to you, you used me up and now you're through (Chorus) I'm thinking about how you make me glow, you're thinking about different ways to say no I really should have looked ahead, and ignored all the things you said Take my hand and then drop it Blow my bubble then pop it Hold me tight and then stop it Hold me tight and then stop it
Like A Storm 04:13
It would have been the shame of all shames To let go Would have been the crime of all crimes I finally learned to silence my old Childish dreams Finally learned to guard my heart But how long could I keep it at bay Love is a force of nature Not just a word we say As fire finds the wind that it needs Love finds its own way Tears through me like a storm My love, my love I see you in gold streams of light Hear you in the hush of night Of night I'm wanting now to give up the girl Who says no Wanting to give the whole of my heart Like a tiger that seizes its pray Love is a great hunter We are the game it plays With fire and wind at its feet Love sweeps us all away Tears through me like a storm
Genevieve: Do you really want What you say you want Do you really feel How you say you feel Do you really know What you say you know Do you really mean What you say you mean Say what you say Say what you say what you say Say what you say Say what you say what you say Are you really hot Or are you really not Can you really walk What you talk Do you really got What you say you have What am I looking at Seems you got it all understood Seems like you know what you're doing Wish I could visit your cave Pick up on some of your secrets Is it just me Or is it just you Who's got some work to do Are you really free Or are you just trapped Living in the past Say what you say Say what you say what you say Say what you say Say what you say what you say Sammy: You can be what you want to You can do what you want to You can shout when you want to Just say what you say But mean it Oh ya But mean it Oh ya But mean it Oh ya Hey hey You can say what you want to Just say what you say Just mean what you say
What do we have here What do we have here What do we see here Worlds all around us Billions of worlds Tied to each other Each one a self In search of another Worlds upon worlds Worlds upon worlds [upon worlds upon worlds upon] What do we know here What do we know here What's there to see here Worlds far beyond us Different truths Different visions Wandering worlds In constant collision Telescopically it's more than you get from a glance Every world's a different system of chance Overwhelms you, still you seek to understand Worlds upon worlds When the atmosphere is perfectly, perfectly clear You can tell how much we need to be near And how through each other we can discover ourselves


released October 1, 2010


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KNOWER Los Angeles, California

KNOWER is Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi. Bringing you exciting music.

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